Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun at Family Time

Family is sacred at the Estate. Once a week, each and every week, we take off our backpacks and spend a couple hours getting lost in community. The conversations that fly above chopped onion and minced garlic often follow a routine small-talk sort of flight pattern, but at times they venture into the closet. That's what happened a couple weeks ago, listen:

Alimo: When you guys get married ...


... are you going to do it?

[Pause] we were confused and waited for more clarification.

Alimo: Somewhere special?

[Pause] This kind of comment, with its more erotic connotation, is unusual for Alimo to make.

Alimo: I was just talking to my friend and she ...

Aliali: Wait, what are you talking about?

Alimo: ... and she just got married in Hawaii.

Aliali: Wow, easy now.

Jonahmed: Oh, do you mean, "would we get married in a special place?"

Alimo: Yeah, what did you think I meant?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting political action ...

while Cody is away has come as a bit of a surprise. Through a series of religiously charged decisions, The Estate has found itself in a controversial bubble bath. The party responsible for filling the tub has yet to be determined, but here are the facts: one, it is what it is. Two, The Mask censored our mask photos earlier this year. Three, David and Cody wrote an opinion article about it entitled "University administration narrowly prevents terror attack."

Four, Anonymous responded with an article entitled "Mask photo censorship a wise decision."

Five, the current 'politically incorrect' members of The Estate were featured on Brendan's Backtalk like this.

Six, our children's rap last weekend at OPS Amateur Hour, which featured drums and referenced Snoop Dog, inspired several members of the audience to go home early.

Cody, we're not doing this on purpose. It's not as if we said, "Op, Cody's gone, wouldn't it be funny if ...."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Da Werd is back

Da Werd took the stage after a sabbatical year. Above is the intro video that Jordan put together to prime the performance pump.

We hope to have a recording out by Christmas, but if you're up for a rough taste of what it went like, Brenden Rajah recorded it on his iPhone and posted it on Facebook. Check it.