Thursday, February 27, 2014

Real Life In Real Life

I've been enjoying Tommy and Emily's #reallifeinreallifeseries. The pictures of Tommy cutting his toenails and Emily delivering letters helps me feel better about doing chores and reading the tax code. Lindsay has been reading a book about mistakes people make in their twenties and she informs me that this is the time I should be doing boring things like laying a foundation for success later on in life. She's not wrong.

Speaking of Lindsay and real life - Lindsay has a head cold. There are a lot of things I don't know about girls. Probably even some things I don't even know I don't know. Let that sink in. BUT, what to do when your girlfriend is sick, is not one of those things.

1. Bring your A game. This means showing up with soup, tea, and fun girl activities. A Disney princess coloring book and a few crayons usually does the trick.
2. Whatever your girlfriend wants to complain about is, "literally the worst thing ever."
3. This one is important. No matter how cute your girlfriend looks in pajamas and a blanket, under no circumstances are you allowed to try and "bust a move." Zero. Forget it. Pretend she's your sister.

Last night I went with oranges and Mario Kart. For anyone who spent any amount of time at the West Whitman Estate, you know that Mario Kart was and is an important part of the experience. Lindsay was a bit shaky at first but what she might lack in driving prowess she makes up for in attitude. I feel a unique mix of affection and fear when she yells, "DIE PEACH DIE!!!" at the screen. To be fair, she was driving under the influence. Of NyQuil.

It's important to use protection at all times.