Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Tickle Closet Lives!

I just went to the gym.

I've been going to the same gym for a couple years now. I've sweated though many a 49ers game and I once saw Conan O'Brien through the window. Tonight, I watched a few minutes of the film Pearl Harbor. This movie isn't on any of my personal top ten lists, but I'll watch almost anything with Kate Beckinsale in it. I even sat through Underworld: Evolution. Let that sink in.

The story line I find most compelling is the friendship between the two pilots. Up until the point that one of them 'dies' and the other one puts the moves on his girl. Uncool bro. If I died and Alban moved in on my girl,  I'd haunt the holy hell out of him - that being said, this movie did force me to consider which one of the estate members I would be the least upset about replacing me. However, that is not a conversation for the blog because I have a feeling Lindsay would replace me, dead or alive. But probably dead.

I guess It's been awhile since anyone posted on the blog. Notable accomplishments since my last post: I passed the Bar, went on a road trip, and finished my first quarter of tax school. I figure that the relative scarcity of blog posts is probably a good thing. I know for myself that it means I talk to Lindsay about things I would otherwise hash out here. Tommy probably talks to Em and Alban to his cats.

Life must evolve - unless you're a creationist. Science burn!!!