Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sometimes on
Sunday I work 8 hours.
Sometimes not.

Usually there's too much to do,
Unless it's a short week or something
Usual is happening.

Now I'm
Numbering homework,
Now I'm
Noting papers.
Now I'm
Noticing the rain.

Dancing in it though, just
Dosing off and
Deciding whether
Data Analysis
Deserves a
Day in the lesson plan.

A's would be easier.
Alas, some kids ya no tienen

(Y no las quieren).
Yelling in class, I'll say tomorrow. But
You're still learning (maybe).

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The soccer field by my apartment is literally my favorite place in the world. (read that like Rob Lowe's character from Parks and Rec).  

I go to undress my spirit when it has put on the business suit of stress that law school demands.

The mood is best early in the morning, right before the sun comes up or in the evening, just after it has gone down. I like to make trails in the dew as I pretend to be a right-footed Robin Van Persie, scoring the winning goal that assures Manchester United will be relegated.

I go in the sun, rain, wind and snow. My favorite are the spring and fall mornings that are cold enough to merit a long sleeve shirt and a hat.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The life of a law student doesn't always lend itself to experiencing a city. Free time usually presents itself in small blocks of time which isn't conducive to exploring. There are still many places I haven't seen much  of. Like the Ballard/Queen Anne-ish area. My usual day is spent almost exclusively in Capitol Hill, which as Wikipedia points out is, "the center of the city's gay and counterculture communities, and features the most extensive nightlife." I wouldn't really know. My night life is spent getting ready for real life... whatever that is. These photos sum up my activities pretty well.

The Law School, our mascot, and the Space Needle

Alban's hand, Gyro, and Burger of the gods

After extensive research, I think I'm partial to

School and feelings about school


Monday, April 9, 2012

Hong Kong

People do three things in Hong Kong: work, shop, and eat, and pretty much in that order. The only thing that comes close to how hard people work is how hard people buy. There are seven million residents in Hong Kong and four million shopping malls. That's a slight exaggeration, but this was a serious problem when I first arrived because I have a strong aversion to shopping. Thankfully I spend most of my time at Hong Kong Adventist College, one of the few places where theres' still no designer outlets, and more green plants than 7-Elevens. I wake up before 7:00, with a dorm devotional at 7:20, and finish my day sometime after checking rooms at 11:00. At night, I'm lulled to sleep by the sound of shuffling chairs and dropped pens on the floor above, and the occasional roar of a Ferrari racing down the road behind the dorm.

The Dean sign. This little jobby sits right outside my office on the ground
 floor of the men's dormitory. The color combination strives to evoke positivity.

Some students get funky in the March fog with a frisbee. My parents
brought a 175g Frisbee®Disc from the states last January. It's been
 a big hit in the post-lunch free-time.

'Dim Sum.' It literally means something like 'heart bits.' It's a tradition in China.
A variation of doughs wrapped around sumptuous surprises
and then steamed in a stack of baskets. Kind of like your heart right?

Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong skyline. When you come to Hong Kong,
this is one of the first places I'll take you. It's one of the top three
 places to get a 'been there' photograph in the city.
Victoria Peak. This is the second place I'll take you. Russ and Debbie Gilbert
got engaged here. Shoot, I got engaged here, to Sandy A Kilowatt Hour of
Limitless Possibility Chiu (her Chinese name is 开玩笑 ). 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cherry Coke

Sometimes when I've finished all my homework... Sometimes when i feel like it, i leave the law library and go across the street to The Chieftain. It's a great place to watch soccer and eat mediocre pub food.

The first time i wandered over i was a little hesitant. There are a few things you don't learn when you spend your high school and college years attending schools that have serious misgivings with students drinking anything stronger than Postum. What to do when you walk in to a bar is one of them.

It must have been obvious because the nice bartender lady guided me over to an empty seat at the bar and changed the channel to the Arsenal game. A true american hero.

Then she asked me what i was drinking...

Bartender: "What are you drinking?"
David: "Dr. Pepper?"
Bartender: "Oh, we don't sell fun little drinks like that..."
Bartender: "Sure thing sweetie."

She eventually offered to take some of their cherry syrup and combine it with the Coke they use to make Rum and Coke. Now whenever i show up she hands me a Cherry Coke and asks if i'd like the "Hummus plate" again. "Yes please."

I know I don't really fit in with the other guys who pound their beer and pulled-pork sandwiches and curse at the tv, but that's ok. Differences don't matter when the Flying Dutchman is in form.

Come on Arsenal!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

City Series

This year the diaspora of the West Whitman Estatees has resulted in the members being flung far and wide around the world to sow our seed in new lands. We have landed in various cities, that inhabit various states, that make up various countries, that fill out various continents.

Over the next month we will be sharing profiles of each of our respective cities. Each profile will feature the parts of the city that make up our daily lives. For example, I will not be using a picture of the Space Needle because I never go there. Also, Alban will not be posting a picture of the Washington Monument, unless he is flipping it off, in which case it will be included. And awesome. 

Each profile will consist of a few pictures and a short, poetic blurb. Enjoy. 

Here are some friendly tips on how to pack from Rick Steves.