Monday, October 24, 2011

This weekend I bounced all around the State of Washington. I hit Seattle, Spokane, Spangle, and Sewiston. I wanted four "S" words in a row.

I spent the weekend with Chelsea and got to experience the life of a pastor's wife for a few days. Let me just say, it's no fun to be judged by the length of your skirt and the texture of your casserole. She shared with the kids and afterwards I threw dodge balls at them. Also we met a pumpkin with a drinking problem.

Today I got a surprise call from Tommy. After the initial obligatory pleasantries we got down to business discussing the commune. We decided the ultimate goal besides living simply within a tight knit community would be to get our own show on cable. A tougher decision is what kind of show to film. There are a lot of options. Maybe something for PBS like, "Sustainable living with Cody" or a show about cooking with things you grow in your own garden. I'm thinking "Natural Delights with Alban, Phil and Jacqueline." Or maybe something a bit more spicy like, "The Real Housewives of the West Whitman Estate." Or we swing for the fences with a concept show featuring impromptu musical numbers and Alban and I as an ambiguous couple who own a frisbee fetching border collie. I'm open to suggestions.

Also, Coldplay has a new album out. I like it. I don't care what the ivory tower hipsters at pitchfork think.

In a perfect world we would all be lying in the middle of the floor listening to it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teachers need excitement. If their lives don't provide it ...

Remember in Arrested Development when George senior tries to teach his children lessons with help from his one-armed friend? "AND THAT'S WHY, YOU NEVER ..."

Sometimes I wish I had a one-armed friend for handy demonstrations. "AND THAT'S WHY, YOU NEVER TURN YOUR HOMEWORK IN LATE!"

Quotes from our favorite movies and shows still come in handy, one-armed man aside. See if you can place them.

Reference 1:
Theo: "Mr. Howe, look at my perfect project!"
Mr. Howe: "Nice one, Theo!"
Marissa: "Look at mine! It's beautiful!
Mr. Howe: "Nice one, Marissa AND Theo!"

Reference 2, at attendance time:
Mr. Howe: "Diamond?"
Diamond: "Here."
Mr. Howe: "SEAN!!!!! Pick up the phone!!!!!"
Sean: "What are you talking about Mr. Howe?"

Reference 3, outside of class:
Mr. Howe: "So you will be coming by during E-block to make up that test?"
Student: "I think so."
Mr. Howe: "Promise me dude."

Reference 4, during a particularly difficult and lengthy problem:
Student 1: "This is too hard!"
Student 2: "And it's taking forever!"
Mr. Howe, thinking, while struggling to continue on: "Bojangles."

And with that, I head to bed. 3 minutes until 9:30, at which time I become a pumpkin. Or lose my slipper. Or something?

PS Bonus points if you can identify the reference in the title.

Monday, October 17, 2011


There are malls everywhere in Hong Kong. They're usually woven into the concrete jungle, connected by sky-bridges and tunnels. Often times they're built on top of a subway stop, with more housing and apartment space above. So, potentially, a person can take care of all their daily needs in Hong Kong without ever being exposed to sunlight, or walking really. Apartment to elevator to escalator to subway to escalator to elevator to office to elevator to escalator to subway to escalator to shopping center (including foods) to elevator to apartment. 

The closest subway-stop/mall is a 10 minute mini-bus. I like the store at my usual entrance. It's called "UNI QLO." Every time I see it, I think of David. He'd start laughing and then show Alban. Alban would stop. Point. Tilt his head. Then David would tell Alban to go get a picture with it.  Phil would catch up with us around this time and ask me where everyone went. Then he'd see them, a second later he would see the sign and start laughing. 

Cody would be busy buying fro yo at the other end of the mall. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tommy "Bright Eyes" Poole

Every couple has "their song."

I spent the majority of last Thursday in the Law library. At one point during the day I decided to migrate downstairs to get a sandwich. As I approached the counter in the law school dining area, it hit me like a glittery wave of 80's awesomeness... "I want to know what love is... I want you to show me..." I instantly came down with an uncontrollable case of the giggles.

Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of the afternoon letting Pandora feed me a never ending diet of hairspray, leather pants, and guitar solos. Naturally, my thoughts drifted to Tommy Poole.

Tommy is a special breed of man that appreciates majestic 80's love ballads as much as I do. We have spent the better part of a friendship sexting each other snip-its of Bonnie Tyler lyrics and enjoying Bon Jovi's music videos. There was even a brief "Jon Bovi" phase.

"Once upon a time there was light in my life,
Now theres only love in the dark.
Nothing I can say,
A total eclipse of the heart."

A true hero. I miss you buddy.

Oh, also Chelsea showed me this video. It's well worth your time...

Monday, October 10, 2011

David's First Food Blog

Last week I decided to cook something.

I was unsure of where the sudden motivation to up and cook something came from, but i assume it came from the place that all motivation comes from. That place has an old wooden sign on it that says, "Boys will do almost anything to impress girls."

First, I decided to consult the three women in my life who spend more time looking at food blogs than I do reading Arsenal transfer rumors. Jacque, Ansley, and Elise all gave me the green light to attempt a spicy pumpkin soup recipe. Ansley suggested I get a pumpkin and cook it in the oven, which i considered until i discovered that you can buy it in a can... sorry Ansley...

Chelsea arrived on Friday and we raided Trader Joe's for the ingredients. After that we proceeded to put onions, butter and spices in a pot and put fire underneath it. It smelled amazing. It was nice to be the person making everyone in my building jealous for once. Also it covered up the persistent weed smell from upstairs.

We measured, poured and processed for about 45 minutes and then finally sat down to eat it. In reality, the soup was probably mediocre. But somehow things always seem to taste a little better when you cook them yourself.

I won't be dropping out of law school anytime soon, but i may end up with a couple cook books before its run its course.

Clean Post With No Obscene References

 Me eating ice cream on the sidewalk. 

As H Davis and I were wandering through Sai Kung, a coastal hangout away from the big city, we bought some ice cream and ate it.  People eat ice cream in Hong Kong like they do in most places around the world. And they cross the road in the same way too –– from one side to the other. Another thing people in Hong Kong have in common with other people is language, in that they have one. I'm still learning to use it; some of the words are harder to pronounce than others.