Thursday, December 16, 2010

Long Time Coming

It started last year when Beth—accomplished bread maker, librarian, and Alban's mother—sponsored the Estate members with some shirts. "Five Guys" is a local burger jo'nt that Alban and his hometown homies patron back in Hagerstown Maryland; "five guys" is also the living composition at the Estate, at least it was last year. Beth, noting this aggressive coincidence, bought "Five Guys" signature tees for each of the tenants.

It continued through the spring, at which time it's not unusual to find the Estate members stoking coals in a stationary BBQ at Whitman Mission on the weekend. One sunny Sabbath afternoon we decided to barbecue in style. We wore our shirts and Jacque took some pictures.

It continued later that spring when Philip Sherwood visited the house for a couple weeks. He wanted to leave a gift as a token of gratitude so he had one of the pictures printed on a 3.5' x 2' canvas.

Finally, after the printed picture sat coiled in a cardboard container all quarter long ... waiting, Martha Mason finished the job by mounting the internal frame last Monday. Now it hangs on the wall as an iconic tribute to mustaches and men who like their burger with one or more pounds of real meat.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving. WA to MD 41 hours.

Alban checks for deer while Alex is on his knees.

Alban is feeling peaceful, but Kate is suspicious.

Now Tommy is feeling peaceful, and Alex isn't sure what's going on, however Kate doesn't mind.

Our whole bodies fit under the sign.

Alban "Four hundered miles of prime deer country, here we go."
Alex "Home of Arbor day? Seriously?"

Iowa didn't have a state sign; Alban and Alex are put off.

Alban sees a wild deer. Tommy thought the camera broke, but Alex just woke up.

Alban is wary of deer. Alex doesn't care.

Tommy, Alex, and Alban stood on the shoulder here.

Alex is happy to piggy back; Alban is pretending to be annoyed.

Tommy thought everyone was smiling.

Alex "Wait, you're saying we're in Maryland?"
Alban "Dude, I bet those woods are teaming with deer? They're out to get us man. (mumbled whisper) The deer are gonna get us. The deer are gonna get us. The deer are gonna get us."
Tommy "Huuuu."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Famous Titles for 200

If there's a better way to start a Sabbath morning, i haven't found it.

Getting up at terrible hours to text Alban and watch Arsenal games, while eating bagels covered in asiago cheese is defiantly the highlight of my law school life... it ranked pretty high during my non-law school life as well.

Living at The Estate taught me the best way to do a lot of things.

The best way to blow off steam is to slam guitars and yell with Tommy. The best way to go on long bike rides is with Phil. The best way to get under an administrator's skin is with Cody. The best way to pick up girls is with the song Alban and I prepared and never got to use... but I guarantee that there are a couple girls out there that won't stand a chance when we bust that thing out. QLO's baby.

Oh, and the best way to eat anything is after Jacque bakes it...

I'm grateful for all of these lessons. Now i must go learn the best way to file a civil lawsuit, draft a deed, and discern the meaning of a vague contract... gross.

Also, Nikolas and I have a christmas tree...