Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wasted Hours

It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. Last week was eventful.

I graduated from law school, got a girlfriend, and Vampire Weekend released a new album. I guess you could say a couple different projects culminated all at once. (Also, for anyone tempted to ask me to rank the aforementioned events... no.)

I'm currently living in a small gap in the time space continuum that exists between the end of law school and the beginning of bar prep. Yesterday I dropped my bike off at a shop near the waterfront to have some cosmetic work done and then walked home. I wandered into a store dedicated to "The Sea Sheperd," which is a ship/organization that goes around the world fighting against whaling, inhumane fishing, and such. The lady working there asked me to sign up to set sail for Antarctica to save whales. I once saw a documentary about penguins on Antarctica. They all died. So I didn't sign up.

Later in the day I played ultimate frisbee with some UW dental students and then helped Lindsay study for a quiz. "Helped" is probably a little generous. Mostly I laid in the grass and identified things that flew over my head.

David: Bird.
D: Plane.
D: Cloud.
L: Very good David.

Today I played soccer and made gnocchi with a tomato broth. Yes, you read that correctly.  I've been reduced to perusing food blogs*. I also realized I have no idea what to do with free time.

I think it's easy to start feeling like every second of life needs to be epically adventurous or productive. I need to work on being content with just being. It's a problem I won't have to deal with for long...

"If I could have it back,
All the time that we wasted,
I'd only waste it again...
You know I'd love to waste it again,
Waste it again, and again, and again..."
- The Suburbs (continued), Arcade Fire

*Actually, now that I think about it, a majority of the readership of The Tickle Closet probably enjoys perusing food blogs. So, let me apologize for besmirching the practice. I appreciate the food you occasionally share with me.