Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amiable is the Aim

A part of me would like to say that there are no flaws at The Estate. But I can't. Cussing. Democracy. Eggnog. F. G. Here at the house we are all too familiar with these frictions. I used to think it was hopeless. JK ... but seriously. Learning that friction creates heat is helpful in putting things in perspective. "Munch on it long enough and you can convert even the driest jerky into mountain climbing energy."

Now the key to this conversion is creativity ... and love. "Only light debunks darkness." Putting this claim under scope has been the unspoken experiment of The Estate. Quilling with our bodies on the parchment of each other, we're getting close to a conclusion. Really close. Something is happening as a result of our research. Trust. Unlikely as it may seem, tension is transformed through tickle fights into fodder for solidarity. V are becoming I.

We hope to, through our experiment, effect change. X-Militant gone local. "Yelling and shouting won't be as loud as a love song and a snuggle." Zoo Philosophy, that's what we'll call it when we discover it.


  1. This coming from the music of Alban and David on the floor.

  2. Dear men of the West Whitman Estate,

    Maybe you should consider avoiding the phrase "friction creates heat" in this context.

    But I like your title. Props for using sound devices. :)