Friday, March 5, 2010

from Wall through Hamper to Blog

There is a creature in our house,
it watches while we're sleeping.
And sometimes when we we're gone to class,
I think it might start creeping

around our beds and bathrooms
and through our dirty clothes,
but exactly who this creature is,
none of us really knows.

David thinks its friendly;
Cody thinks its not.
Alban claims "It's our neighbors cat,"
and Phil said that he caught

a piece of its genetics
in a petrie dish he grew.
He said "It is perhaps either
a monster, or a shrew."

But I am still a skeptic,
about high-tech reliance,
and about the critter in our house
being defined by science.

I think it's far too smart for that,
I think it's far too clever,
I think it's Tinky Winky (just
disguised) in tight black leather.


  1. tommy, you did not do the math right....



    here do this math: emily + tommy + (awesome headbands for emily and tommy) + david - [Tina - (awesome headbands for Tina and David)] = uhhh..... you do the math....i told YOU to do the math!

  2. emily... this is not the place to start a fight. this is a safe place for people to express their feelings and thoughts.

    Work on your anger issues,