Friday, September 17, 2010

Law School Update

This Blog comes with a content warning. As of yet no one has really made use of it. I'm about to try.

So, i just finished my fourth week of law school. There has been some adjusting, but to this point it has pretty much been everything i heard it would be. Mountains of reading and briefing that culminate in an extremely intelligent professor bringing Socrates to life in a way you never hoped anyone would.

I've sat through lectures that have included topics ranging from the incarceration of American citizens to whether or not you can interpret a "public morals" statute to include masturbation in a porn shop. Other topics have included how to prepare an elderly jury member to hear what a "bad motherfucker" the victim was to the fact that a spouse can sue for "loss of consortium," which basically amounts to the loss of the benefits of a relationship. I'll let you figure out which part of the supposed "benefits" came up in class.

However, it hasn't been all bad. Not that those parts were bad, i suppose they were sort of necessary to know.

There have been some nice surprises as well. If anyone would have told me before i started that i could get fired up about The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Contract Law, i probably would have just smiled and put my ear buds back in.

Another part of life in law school has been the box i've been trying to reconstruct.

I spent the majority of my time at WWU trying to push on the edges of the box. It was easy to push because there was always something on the other side of the wall pushing back. It almost felt like it was cool to push on the wall, or it was what i was supposed to do. Now that i've left WW and moved to Seattle, it seems like i finally succeeded in pushing the wall down and now i can see that there isn't anything on the other side. Now, instead of pushing on the wall, i find myself trying to reconstruct a box that i can be comfortable inside of.

I guess i didn't really try very hard to legitimize the content warning... I'll do better next time.

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  1. Sheesh! Good thing you have a content warning for this blog and it seems so fitting that you label it Emily. Ha! I'm interested to know how the construction of your box is going.