Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kryptonite for Hipsters

Newton's third law states that, "The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear."

Now, I'm not really a science guy. I tend to follow the teachings of Stephen Colbert and usually just stick with the idea that the jury is still out on the whole science thing. Sorry Phil. So, without a background in science/physics, I tend to interpret Newton's third law as a suggestion that everything in nature has its opposite. I think mother nature backs me up on this one. Good v. Evil. Batman v. Spiderman. Stumptown v. Starbucks. Arsenal v. Tottenham, Chelsea, and both teams from Manchester. (Kind of an axis of evil if you will. And i know you will).

However, I have come to the conclusion that there is but one more example of something good and its polar opposite. Cody v. Hipsters.

First, Hipsters love trendy clothes. They will search far and wide for the perfect "Loafer-flannel-scarf" combo. Cody on the other hand prefers his "service day" T's and a Carhartt jacket. I'm pretty sure he travelled all the way across the country wearing nothing but his Carhartt jacket and a prideful grin. If i'm not mistaken, he referred to it as "spreading the Carhartt gospel."

Another thing Hipsters love is indie music. The more obscure the better. Now, i'm not saying that Cody doesn't enjoy music. He certainly does. No one shakes his money maker quite as aggressively as Cody during a lights-off half-naked Prince-inspired dance party. However, I've also seen him pound nothing but Jimmy Eat World and Thousand Foot Krutch Cd's for months on end. So i'll let you make the call on that one.

Finally, Hipsters love angst. They love the feeling of seemingly inescapable turmoil that makes them feel burdened and deep. Again i must split hairs. Cody too enjoys a bit of turmoil from time to time. I think Cody is at his happiest when sticking it to an incompetent, evil administrator who will remain unnamed and loves ginger snap cookies. In fact, I think he is currently somewhere in Berkeley/Oakland occupying stuff. The difference is that Cody attacks the things that make him feel angsty. Instead of sitting in a coffee shop and complaining about "the man," Cody goes out and sticks it to him by physically taking over his shipping ports. While wearing Carhartt.

I think the difference is summed up well by these two photos.

'Nough said.


  1. I like this thesis. Further proof: in casual conversation hipsters enjoy surprising themselves by their own witty jokes and off-beat statements, Cody doesn't waste his time with such none-sense, he gets his point across in short, direct, simple statements such as, RAMBO! FIRE-BOMB! and UHGRG! (with fitting body gestures). It's safe to say we can all learn something from him, and must.

  2. Josh, a fellow 1L, giggles anytime I say anything about farming. He's not a hipster though.

    I remember David's reaction when I told him I liked Thousand Foot Krutch. There are times when I feel musically inferior around my musically gifted friends.

    Whenever I express a musically sophisticated sentiment (for instance, I've recently been listening to: Arcade Fire, Jónsi/Sigur Rós, Beach House, and Fleetwood Mac. I think that's musically sophisticated. Isn't it?) I diligently admit that I don't come by my musical tastes honestly. I explain that I recently lived in a house with some very talented musicians. We had a piano, an organ, three guitars, a djembe, etc.

    I have to admit though, after two trips across the country, on a road trip, I still resort to Muse.