Monday, May 14, 2012


My life in Berkeley, California is small. I live up the hill from the law school; a 7 minute walk or a 5 minute sprint. And I live only between those two points. Except on Friday mornings, which is laundry day. Then, I drive down College Avenue to Diseasey Central (the washing machines have recently been in desperate need of cleaning).

Nonetheless, this smallness is one of the reasons I'm moving at the end of this week. It's hard to leave, as you'll understand, but the Berkeley Student Cooperative promises to be a horizon-expanding adventure.

These pictures detail the steps between my studio and the law school and the one major detour I've made this year: the Occupy protests.

Self portrait
I watch the sun set from here
And watch bad drivers navigate this corner
The sunset
And you can see the Golden Gate
My street
My path
The view from my path
The view from my porch
A Berkeley classic re-imagined 
Occupy Oakland

Occupy is a family affair
My iconic image from the Port of Oakland


  1. This is good set of pictures. I like the one of the curb where you watch the sunset--Hah :)

  2. I'm not sure if I'm more stoked, touched, or moved. Maybe David can help me sort it out.

    The metaphors in this post are so apposite, especially: "My path" "My view."

    It is. It is your PATH. This is your VIEW.

    Now is your Golden Gate.