Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chaos Theory

I recently read an article about Chaos Theory. And Muppets.

The author advanced the theory that most people can be grouped into "order muppets" or "chaos muppets." Chaos muppets tend to be disorganized, emotional and fuzzy; i.e. Cookie Monster, Ernie and Phil. Order muppets tend to be neurotic, ordered and secretly enjoy the weight of responsibility; i.e. Bert or Alban.

Then there are the people who don't classify so easily. Those who seem to purposefully create chaos, but only because they believe it will lead to a more efficient order in the end; i.e. Oscar the Grouch or Cody. These kind of muppets are bookends to the other kind that project order but secretly enjoy the chaos. I'd probably place Tommy here.

Jacque - at times gives the appearance of a tornado juggling multiple responsibilities but secretly seeks balance and order.

Jessi - combines the appearance of an icelandic chaos muppet with the motivated work ethic of a classic order muppet.

Brendan = Elmo


  1. What?! Are you calling me disorganized? I will punch you in the face. ;) Clean Desk...Clean Mind!
    This sounds like a funny article and one that I wish you would bring down yonder sometime.