Monday, July 23, 2012

Cafe There's

"We're here! At There's," says Phil. 

We won, one level at a time. From the moment I saw Alban walk through arrival gate B at Hong Kong Int'l, to the moment I watched him rush to the top of an escalator at Incheon Int'l, we accepted each new adventure and challenge like a new track on Mario Kart.

The Asia Happy & Wild Tour 2012 crossed five borders, consumed countless cups of mocha, sampled several different regional foods, got diarrhea, watched Spiderman and Star Trek, shared the new Beach House and Dirty Ps albums, and most importantly, included all five members of the Estate (counting one brief text message to David, and a one and a half our skype convo with Cody and J).

Among the favorite levels, was our journey to Jinbo, the place where Phil had been getting his Hugh-robes dirty this year. In Jinbo, along with delicious Kim-bop, and Kimchi stew, is the delicious little coffee trough known as "Cafe There's." We can't say much for their coffee, not because it's bad, we're sure it's the best in Jinbo, but because we didn't try it. The sign, the fake trees inside, the atmosphere, the company, and the hip wild-cat-baristas, were enough to keep our dopamine levels full on. Besides, who needs coffee when a place has hazelnut fraps on the menu? We all loved it ... a lot. The above photo shows it.

Among the most difficult levels, was getting my luggage to and from Incheon Int'l. The first time I faced this level, when Alban was busy with the Tokyo Metro level, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I learned something though, when you're planning on carrying over 150 lbs. of luggage around a busy city to a place you've never been..., plan ahead. The second time I faced the level –– getting the luggage back to the airport for the return flight –– I had Alban with me, which made it much easier. Still, thanks to some dirty kimchi the day before, it was a close call making it to the gate on time. In our hurry, we nearly clothes-lined a few old Korean ladies in the subway stations with our fifty pound duffle. We did what we had to do, and we made it. Excited for the next tour, coming soon. 

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