Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm on spring break.

I've spent the week working on a personal statement for a post-law school tax program. I assume at some point they just give you a piece of paper that says, "You win at school." I've also been studying for the ethics portion of the bar exam. However, I've been wearing a bikini top most of the time - So I can't say the week has been a total waste.

I've got friends and family texting me pictures from places like SF, Rome, and Paris. I'm not bummed about it though. Also, Oxford commas are the best!

Sonya (If you don't know Sonya, you're doing it wrong) sent me a package that arrived today. It contained a little wooden dinosaur lawyer dressed in lady lawyer's clothes, holding a book that says, "law." She hoped it would, "inspire me in my studies." It has. It also reminded me that of all the career options I could have chosen based on Jurassic Park characters, including: Paleontologist, Eccentric Billionaire, Sexy Mathematician, or Big Game Warden, I chose the one who gets eaten while sitting on a toilet. Thanks!

Alban flies in tomorrow. He chose the correct career. Nice.


  1. Ooooh, maybe you shouldn't use the toilet if you go to a dinosaur wildlife park. Just a thought.

  2. David. Keeping The Tickle Closet alive.

    Nice one.