Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rumination on VD

Cody and I were living in the living room this morning, solving all the world's problems. And we turned our attention from the economy to gun control, and then to Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a perplexing problem. It seems like no one benefits from it. Men spend large amounts of money trying to impress women so that they can get something they could probably have gotten for free if they would have just waited a few days. The women have it even worse. I would assert that probably over half of all women spend Valentines alone. Another large percentage experience a less than amazing evening with their single-minded mates. Only a sliver of the pie actually get what they want and that sliver has to suppress the lingering feeling that their counterpart has an agenda.

Our conclusion was that the only people who thought it out were Hallmark.

We think that it would be best to avoid celebrating VD.


  1. thanks for labeling me david. see if you can make the labels more random next you can't.