Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Donkey Shun

Senior Recognition Chapel was the little scroll of Revelation – sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomach. It made me proud to see David, Phil, and Cody fitted in their graduation regalia. They're on their way out. In a few months they'll be kicking this donkey (college) that has been kicking their donkey (backside) for the past 4 plus years. "UH!" That's sweet.

The bitter part of "looking proleptically towards the future," as John McVay put it, is that that means that's it. The dynamic will change. This house, this year, with these people, with our missing cheese grater, will never happen again. "uh." That's bitter.

But it's not over yet. And in these few minutes before graduation – before David, Phil, and Cody do the walk, symbolically mooning academia and ginger snap cookies – in these few minutes we'll follow the advice of Herbert Finman.

"Don't get caught in a tussle
with your seat buckle off.
As long as there's water there's a chance ...
and the if you want to swim you'll have to get wet.
The only way to feel a field is barefoot,
and you can't experience silence listening to a sound mind.
Some die rich, some die trying
'Fifty cent is the shit!'
Dreams are your floatees,
Wear them even if people make fun of you for being an adult with floatees
(unless you can swim without them).
Ha I'm just kidding,
or am I?
And play Carte Bang a bunch."

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  1. i didn't wear my cap and gown....i just wasn't in the mood for graduating (plus my senior outline still isn't in!) i did put my cap on though from where i was sitting. i've easing my way into this growing up thing.