Sunday, April 11, 2010


All members of The Estate journeyed to Seattle to experience Muse live in color at the Key Arena. Nothing resounds solidarity like 20 thousand people screaming lawless lyrics with their fists in the air. The pit was about as wild as you'd expect at a legitimate rock concert mosh-pit to be – at least it looked that way from where we were sitting.

David thinks Muse is Cody's soul music because it's loud and anti-establishment. I think David could be on to something.

The performance was "off the chain," as Alban says; the musicians metaphorically brought the house down. Actually, near the end of the set, a trunk load of balloons, roughly 4 feet in diameter, printed to look like giant eyeballs, came down from the rafters. Inside the white, semi-translucent balls, red graffiti made it look like blood was splashing inside the eye's as the balls bounced across the floor audience. After the encore, a girl two seats down from me, in a religious frenzy, started screaming with all of her being ... and kept screaming .... and kept screaming ... 2 minutes, no joke. She was saying what we were all thinking.

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  1. hahah "cody's soul music" haha.
    i'm glad you enjoyed this tommy--muse is crazy!