Thursday, April 22, 2010

Like a Cheap Fiddle...

Last Tuesday, two members of the estate were treated to a master-course in Machiavellian Dating Tactics.

Alban and Tommy were able to get their grubbily little hands on some free symphony tickets courtesy of Alexander the Great. Next, they cleverly decided that they would find each other dates to the symphony because they are both too chicken to get their own. Tommy, upon advice of council, called Jenny Sloop and was able to convince her to be Alban's date.

The day of the symphony, Alban decided it was time to find Tommy's musical counterpart. In a fortuitous twist of fate, the gods smiled upon humanity and sent the muse of awesomeness to impregnate Alban's mind. After conception, he also called Jenny Sloop and left her a message asking her to be Tommy's date. This is where Jenny's true genius shines through.

Immediately realizing what had happened, she quickly accepted Alban's request without revealing the rest of her devious design.

The night of the symphony, as Alban and Tommy began to nervously wonder who their male companions had chosen to temporarily replace them, they began to exchange information.

Alban: " Hey Tommy, where do we need to pick my date up at?"
Tommy, revealing his choice: "We need to pick Jenny Sloop up from the dorm."
Alban, clearly confused and wondering if Tommy had discovered who he had chosen for him: "For you?"
Tommy: "No... for you."
Alban: "What?"
(Tommy and Alban turn and look at David, who says nothing but widens his eyes)
Tommy to Alban: "Did you?"
Alban: "Yup... did you?"
Tommy: "Yup..."
(David and Cody laugh uncontrollably in highly pitched fits)

This situation reveals a few things, but most importantly it sheds light upon the obvious quality of Jenny Sloop. First, it appears that both Tommy and Alban may have suppressed feelings for her, which explains why they both quickly accepted her as the first choice for their male counterparts. Second, it appears that David has a ridiculous laugh. Third, and most importantly, it reveals the genius and quality of Jenny.

Not only was she first in the minds of two of WWU's most eligible men on campus, but she also had the mental agility to play them off of each other like cheap fiddles without skipping a beat. Speaking of Jenny Sloop, where's my cell phone...

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  1. This made me laugh out loud! O man those guys.. too funny.

    Way to go Jenny, :)