Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hannah Montana Suffers Major Setback

A month ago David and Alban announced that Mylie Cyrus was off their list of eligible starlets. The main cause of her topple from on-high (besides her under-age status) was her poor showing on American Idol. While some have claimed that her pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards gave Mylie extra consideration, David and Alban have chosen to show her no mercy. This may be more significant than you think. Without Mylie Cyrus providing ample distraction, David might actually start pursuing Taylor Swift. Alban, on the other hand, could get caught up by some indie musician and might actually obtain access.

Lest our speculations get out of hand, let me provide some solace. Though interpretations of this development have been wild and varied, all this talk seems to be empty bloviation since David and Tommy still refuse to remove the combination Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montana poster in their bathroom.

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  1. I'm not sure why I was included in this one. But whateva.