Sunday, May 30, 2010

Karma Police

When i first imagined this blog post, it was with pleasure.

Saturday night, at Tommy's request, i agreed to drive a couple of friends from Clarkston up into the Mill Creek Watershed so they could go looking for antlers. In order to get to the starting point by dawn we needed to leave the Estate by 4:00am. I wasn't really what kind of people go out at 4 in the morning to find antlers but if they were friends of Tommy, they couldn't be that bad. ( I found out later that they call themselves "Horn Nuts")

On the way up we talked about Women, Law, and Bigfoot sightings. The ride was enjoyable and the view from the hill was fantastic. My plan was to return home, ruminate on my experience, and write something profound about preconceived ideas...

Then i got stuck.

On the way down the mountain i slid in some snow and ended up with my front right tire totally submerged in compact, crunchy, slush-snow and the other three spinning like hamster wheels in a vacuum. It happened to be in the same spot that the guys had shown me bear scratchings and wolf tracks. I spent the next six hours playing phone tag with Tommy, Alban, Phil, My Parents, and the Cops. I'll let you guess which of those options was the least helpful. After trying to dig out with a rock, I was finally saved by a couple bearded men with a huge Ford truck who were just "out for a drive."

I'm not really sure what the moral of this story is. Maybe it's that Karma doesn't really exist and sometimes you get screwed when you try to do nice things. Or that the police really are nearly worthless.

The story is funnier if you hear it in person, i promise.

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  1. LABEL: EMILY WILKENS?!?! everytime you label me in a blog david....ok so it's only been one other time... i go back and analyze the blog fully....and try to see where i fit in....I have no idea! But i like this blog alot! hah oh, i do have an awesome story about deer though...