Saturday, October 30, 2010

Empty house

Since the house has been left sole to me for the weekend (Jon has obligations elsewhere), I feel it's my duty to give an update on the estate. It will also begin my Tickle Closet career.

Today is a very gloomy Sabbath day. It's definitely the fall, so I thought it appropriate to cook pumpkin pancakes this morning. Although I made quite a mess and didn't produce the most dynamite pancakes, Nolan and Justin were pleased. Then I ventured over to the awakening to hear about legalism and lust.
Since then I've played the guitar, watched some camp videos, and will soon call some family members. Sabbath always reminds me of whats important. Although tonight I plan to study about carbons and the bonds they make with other atoms, I reflect now on the ever important bonds between family and friends. I'm blessed to have been brought into the estate -- a place with family dinners, foosball/ping pong/baggo tournaments, and quality people like Ali Aliban, Ali Jonahmed, and Ali Bin Tomar. I love you brothers.

Fellow Tickle Closet readers,

I hope you enjoy the fall weather, eat some pumpkin pancakes, avoid legalism and lust, but most importantly--I hope you strengthen some bonds.

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  1. This is it. A post. It's good to have another contributing member of this blog.