Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I was reminded of West Whitman Estate alumni, especially two of them. While I was sitting in Monte Buell's office, the topic of "sexting" was brought up in conversation. (Sexting: A term used to describe a wide range of media communication from passively being texted by a member of the opposite gender to phone-sex). The term "sexting" has grown in popularity since its conception. "I think it was even printed in the Collegian last year," Dr. Buell remarked. I don't remember who to thank for that publication, but I think it's safe to assume it was a fruit that grew as a result of a cross pollination, if not direct contact, with a member, or members, from the Estate. Cutting edge literature of this sort, fathered by the unique culture of the TC, was commonplace during the 09-10 school year. It often led to confusion and or disgust with the average trying-to-live-a-somewhat-clean-minded-and-appropriate-lifestyle kind of person. It was also censored form time to time.

Also and furthermore, censorship has once again been the topic of discussion around the dirty dishes. Apparently Christians dressed as Middle Easterners quoting the Koran is too much for an ASWWU publication at this time.

Z pattern starting in bottom right: Tommy, Jon, Alban, Jordan.


  1. Ok, I'll bite... your other right... no that doesn't work either. In an U pattern starting in the top left.