Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving. WA to MD 41 hours.

Alban checks for deer while Alex is on his knees.

Alban is feeling peaceful, but Kate is suspicious.

Now Tommy is feeling peaceful, and Alex isn't sure what's going on, however Kate doesn't mind.

Our whole bodies fit under the sign.

Alban "Four hundered miles of prime deer country, here we go."
Alex "Home of Arbor day? Seriously?"

Iowa didn't have a state sign; Alban and Alex are put off.

Alban sees a wild deer. Tommy thought the camera broke, but Alex just woke up.

Alban is wary of deer. Alex doesn't care.

Tommy, Alex, and Alban stood on the shoulder here.

Alex is happy to piggy back; Alban is pretending to be annoyed.

Tommy thought everyone was smiling.

Alex "Wait, you're saying we're in Maryland?"
Alban "Dude, I bet those woods are teaming with deer? They're out to get us man. (mumbled whisper) The deer are gonna get us. The deer are gonna get us. The deer are gonna get us."
Tommy "Huuuu."

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