Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unifying Thread

This blog doesn't have one.

I learned a few things today...

First, women's soccer can be truly inspiring.

Second, wearing brightly colored sunglasses and white athletic socks to a law office draws more attention than i care to have. I've had multiple lawyers tell me to go buy some black socks... I refuse.

Third, if i wear a tie and my totally not dorky "Volunteer Prosecutor" badge to Fred Meyer, people think i'm a manager. I wasn't in the mood to take advantage of this today, but i'm definitely tucking it away for later...

Today i met a lawyer. When he found out that i had just finished my first year of law school, he quickly told me that I "didn't know my ass from my head." I smiled politely and later wrote down his name.

While i was running on the treadmill, i watched part of JUNO. It made me glad to not be pregnant. Next year, i'm going to celebrate "not-a-father's day." Hopefully.

I've also spent some time re-listening to Coldplay's album X&Y.

And I found this book...


  1. Not-a-father's day. Brilliant.

    Also, X&Y is pretty acceptable. I get flashbacks to studying abroad; I was first introduced to the Coldplay then. Credit to Albs.

  2. I wonder if Gunnersaurus has underpants?