Sunday, February 19, 2012

DMV Bigger Than Obama!

*Warning! This blog contains politics!*

I got a new car. She's a swanky 98' Honda Accord. She's low
maintenance and always there when i want her to be. My previous two cars were terminally ill, so i pulled a Newt Gingrich and traded them in for younger, blonder models.

Speaking of sleazy government workers, i had a little encounter at the department of licensing. I was trying to transfer my new car to my name and the lady at the counter accused me of changing the date of sale on the title. She told me that i would either need to get a new title or pay a $60 fine. I protested and she told me that she couldn't trust the validity of the title. So i asked her how me paying $60 made the title more trustworthy... She just looked at me and started re-explaining how a fine works. Probably not my most diplomatic move.

She was also unmoved when i pointed out that the date she was accusing me of forging was in the future.

This whole exchange left me wondering if anyone has ever had a pleasant experience with the government when it comes to licensing and cars. This needs to change.

Whenever i talk to people who are against Obamacare they always say, "How would you like the DMV to be in charge of your healthcare?" First, as far as i know, this isn't even a concern. I'm pretty sure the same people would be at your hospital. The only thing that would change would be how insurance and payments work. Right? Cody? Oh... also, quality healthcare would be available to a lot more people.

Second, I think that something the government could do to help ease people's fears, rational and not, about the government becoming more involved in healthcare would be to improve people's experience at the places they already come into contact with the government, like the DMV.

I don't know. Maybe i'm just mad about losing $60.

Once last thing, I watched a short video today of Milton Friedman trying to explain why greed and capitalism are good. He never actually explained why they were virtuous. All he did was point out the problems with Socialism and Communism. Pointing out the flaws in other things is not how you prove yours is the best.

It's like your girlfriend asking you if you think she's pretty, and instead of smiling and saying yes, you start to point out all the flaws her friends have. Not cool. And no, I am not speaking from experience.


  1. Your line about "sleazy government workers" at the DMV instantly reminded me of when I got my license in high school. Almost a perfect ride, really great. It's too bad you had to pay.

    1. One of the farm hands once told me that you don't want to pay for your first time. Luckily, and illegally, I drove vehicles before I got my license.

  2. David, I find myself agreeing with you a lot. Funny how we agreed in favor of different views in high school and early in college... My how times change.

  3. Yes David. That's correct. Also, many doctors prefer the medicare/medicaid paperwork to insurance company paperwork. In other words, the process is more efficient.

    Also, I think Milton Friedman is a distant relation of Satan (both perpetrators of the love of money). But I could have him confused with someone else. Maybe Ayn Rand...