Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foodora... or Something.

I had an idea today while eating lunch.

People love gambling and the unknown. This is evidenced by the high percentage of my law school classmates who flew to Vegas for spring break. People also love food. As is evidenced by the delicious number of obese people in America.

This led me to an idea. I want to pitch a restaurant based on chance. The menu would operate a little like Pandora. The customer would enter information regarding their favorite food or what they felt like eating at the moment. The computer program would then provide a few new options based on choices from the seasonal menu, along with possible drink and dessert combinations.

This set up would give the customer a degree of control, but also allow the chance to broaden their culinary palette. This would be a great option for husbands and boyfriends who are tired of hearing their partner complain about how they "never do anything new."

I'll need Alban and Abigail to write the code for the program. Phil and Jax will run the kitchen. Tommy will be in charge of waitstaff and booking guests for the small stage. Cody will drum up investment capital.

I'm still not sure what to call it.


  1. We could call it "FooDora the Explorer." That would appeal to the kiddos.

    And what would you do at the restaurant?

  2. That would be a fun restaurant!

  3. I would probably shake hands and wait tables. I kind of like being a waiter.

  4. Dang. Perfect idea. We need to sit down and talk about all the things we'll be running in ten years or so. Ice cream parlor, health food store, Foodora...