Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Because tigers are the largest of the "great cats" and because they have a long history of being persecuted, it is important to cultivate trust between you and your tiger when first introduced. Once your trustworthiness is acknowledged, tigers tend to be the most playful of cats (think Tony the Tiger). They love to splash in rain puddles and chase squirrels through the park. However, be careful when walking your Tiger without a leash. Despite their excellent eyesight, tigers often mistake cocker spaniels and other small dogs for squirrels (unfortunately cocker spaniels are significantly slower runners than the average park squirrel).

Tigers can grow to a weight of 660 pounds. So, they should be trained at a young age to not "jump up." Though tigers love to play and wrestle, they can easily get carried away during play time. Tiger owners must commit to consistently enforcing the rules of the household and shouldn't hesitate to use time-outs as punishment. Many tigers have developed "adolescent insolence" as a result of being sheltered from consequences.

Tigers are excessively territorial and routinely mark their territory by spraying urine and anal gland secretions. It is best to respect your Tiger's territory so as not to provoke additional markings on the carpet.

Because tiger stripes create a distinctly frightening pattern when blended with shadows and leafy undergrowth, tigers have often be misunderstood as having darker natures than they really do. Consequently, they often identify with the villain in movies, especially Scar.

Tiger fur, a favorite of long-time owners, is excellent for cuddling around the fireplace. An added bonus is that it is fully machine washable–wash cold with like colors, tumble-dry low (think Hobbes).

An estimated 12,000 tigers (more than the wild population) are kept as domestic pets in the U.S. alone. This popularity provides new owners with a well-established support network.

The Tickle Closet thinks tigers are perfect for active couples who have strong bones and want to cuddle, but aren't afraid to discipline their cat.

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  1. Don't forget the fact that tigers sing bass—Shere Kahn. On that same note, they have beef with man-cubs, so they're probably not ideal for parents of young children. Although, who knows how Shere Kahn would have turned out if he had been properly disciplined as a youth ...