Monday, April 18, 2011

The Cheetah

Don't worry, you didn't miss the vote. The cat series is not over yet. There is still one more cat after this. Wait for it.

The cheetah, according to Dave Thomas, is the most easily domesticated large cat. In Systematic Theology a few days back, DT shared a memory from his childhood in Africa of a family friend who adopted two orphaned cheetah cubs. As the days passed, the cheetahs became like living gargoyles over the familie's estate. On Saturday afternoons when DT and his family bounced up the long ruts in their friend's clay drive, the cheetahs would approach like spotted grey-hounds to investigate the visitors. "We were a little nervous to exit the car," he confessed, "but the cats were as safe as the doctrine of God's providence."

Dr. Thomas's childhood anecdote aside, cheetahs are no persian puss. Theses cats are infamous for their speed and veracity. Not only are cheetahs the fastest cat, they're the fastest mammal, clocking in at speeds as fast as, "Wow, that's fast!" and, "Dang man." The cheetah paw is unique, they're pads and claws don't retract, which means cheetahs aren't able to climb trees, and something about orange cheddar.

The TC thinks the cheetah is ideal for young families. Their quickness will keep the parents active and agile. Plus their gaurd-dog mentality will keep the house safe. Furthermore their domesticadability means they're safe to leave alone with the kids, which could potentially reduce the cost of babysitters significantly.

Warning to light sleepers: Dave Thomas also mentioned the cheetah's purr. I don't remember exactly what he said but it was something then a snare drum.

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