Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Update

In the past few weeks I've seen Phil, Abigail, Alban and Cody. And Tommy is coming to visit me on Friday. Sort of...

Phil and Abby taught me that Thai food is spicy. Both times. Also, Abby, why do you abbreviate your name that way? I think "Abi" would make more sense. No charge.

When Alban visited I watched him try and survive a vigorous round of questioning from new friend Jessi.
Jessi: "I like these cooking pots"
Alban: "Me too"
Jessi: "What do you like about them specifically?"
Alban: "ummm..."

Cody was the most recent visitor. We looked at UW law and managed to have a conversation with a guy who tried to get us to participate in some kind of "Orphan rent-to-own" program and a Mormon girl working on her Mission. Cody asked her if this was her first mission.
Cody: "Is this your first mission?"
Sister Howell: "No. This is my second. I got here three days ago."
Cody: "Where were you working before this?"
Sister Howell: "Salt Lake City."
Cody: "Isn't that market already pretty saturated?"

Tommy is arriving this Friday. I am expecting a few more pieces of quality dialogue.


  1. I feel like this in an inaccurate representation of my response. While initially taken aback, I had some excellent reasons, as I recall.

  2. I like Cody's observation. Pretty saturated.