Monday, October 10, 2011

David's First Food Blog

Last week I decided to cook something.

I was unsure of where the sudden motivation to up and cook something came from, but i assume it came from the place that all motivation comes from. That place has an old wooden sign on it that says, "Boys will do almost anything to impress girls."

First, I decided to consult the three women in my life who spend more time looking at food blogs than I do reading Arsenal transfer rumors. Jacque, Ansley, and Elise all gave me the green light to attempt a spicy pumpkin soup recipe. Ansley suggested I get a pumpkin and cook it in the oven, which i considered until i discovered that you can buy it in a can... sorry Ansley...

Chelsea arrived on Friday and we raided Trader Joe's for the ingredients. After that we proceeded to put onions, butter and spices in a pot and put fire underneath it. It smelled amazing. It was nice to be the person making everyone in my building jealous for once. Also it covered up the persistent weed smell from upstairs.

We measured, poured and processed for about 45 minutes and then finally sat down to eat it. In reality, the soup was probably mediocre. But somehow things always seem to taste a little better when you cook them yourself.

I won't be dropping out of law school anytime soon, but i may end up with a couple cook books before its run its course.


  1. Haha..."Sorry, Ansley..."
    Nice work you guys!

  2. I actually baked a fresh pumpkin in the oven today...haha. It will become muffins tomorrow!

    That soup looks good! Did you use a recipe? Or just "go for it?"

  3. I used a recipe. I don't have Jedi cooking skills like you :)

  4. Remember when Yoda cooked up some food for Luke Skywalker on the swamp-planet Dagobah?


    Well, Yoda gave Luke some soup, and Yoda was a Jedi, and his soup looked a lot like your spicy pumpkin.

    So maybe you do have Jedi cooking powers, hm?