Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teachers need excitement. If their lives don't provide it ...

Remember in Arrested Development when George senior tries to teach his children lessons with help from his one-armed friend? "AND THAT'S WHY, YOU NEVER ..."

Sometimes I wish I had a one-armed friend for handy demonstrations. "AND THAT'S WHY, YOU NEVER TURN YOUR HOMEWORK IN LATE!"

Quotes from our favorite movies and shows still come in handy, one-armed man aside. See if you can place them.

Reference 1:
Theo: "Mr. Howe, look at my perfect project!"
Mr. Howe: "Nice one, Theo!"
Marissa: "Look at mine! It's beautiful!
Mr. Howe: "Nice one, Marissa AND Theo!"

Reference 2, at attendance time:
Mr. Howe: "Diamond?"
Diamond: "Here."
Mr. Howe: "SEAN!!!!! Pick up the phone!!!!!"
Sean: "What are you talking about Mr. Howe?"

Reference 3, outside of class:
Mr. Howe: "So you will be coming by during E-block to make up that test?"
Student: "I think so."
Mr. Howe: "Promise me dude."

Reference 4, during a particularly difficult and lengthy problem:
Student 1: "This is too hard!"
Student 2: "And it's taking forever!"
Mr. Howe, thinking, while struggling to continue on: "Bojangles."

And with that, I head to bed. 3 minutes until 9:30, at which time I become a pumpkin. Or lose my slipper. Or something?

PS Bonus points if you can identify the reference in the title.


  1. The first two are from Jurassic Park and the second two are from Pride and Prejudice. BOOM!

  2. 0/4 for you. Close though ...

  3. Title: ?

    1: ?

    2: OC

    3: OC

    4: ? (I always thought it was "Bojingles")

    There Alban. Do you think I'm an athlete?

  4. the first one is from flight of the conchords! (am i cool now?)

  5. I have no idea about the shows, but nine-thirty?! How does your body do that?

  6. I love you dude. And we don't say it enough.

    Tommy stole the ones I know. And I'm with him on the spelling, I wasn't picking up that enunciation.

    In property yesterday, there was a question involving buying a lemon grove only to discover that the army uses it for training...turns out their easement hadn't been disclosed... law school ruins some things.

  7. (let's hope they don't incite violence)
    common sense simple common sense

  8. Tommy: definitely an athlete.
    Chelsea: obviously. but wasn't that a given after the sweet shirt you made for our spring jam performance?
    Emily: it's easy. recipe for early-to-bed success: get up at 4:30.

  9. 9:30...you are my hero. so jealous.

  10. Alban, you are so cool.

    Slash funny.