Saturday, April 14, 2012


The life of a law student doesn't always lend itself to experiencing a city. Free time usually presents itself in small blocks of time which isn't conducive to exploring. There are still many places I haven't seen much  of. Like the Ballard/Queen Anne-ish area. My usual day is spent almost exclusively in Capitol Hill, which as Wikipedia points out is, "the center of the city's gay and counterculture communities, and features the most extensive nightlife." I wouldn't really know. My night life is spent getting ready for real life... whatever that is. These photos sum up my activities pretty well.

The Law School, our mascot, and the Space Needle

Alban's hand, Gyro, and Burger of the gods

After extensive research, I think I'm partial to

School and feelings about school



  1. The color themes in your photo selections are acute. The action photos really touched me; I really like the soccer ball photo, and your hair looks surprisingly blonde on the slack line with Alban.

    An informative and inspiring post.

  2. I like everything about this post. Especially the fact that you prefer Victrola. I agree.

  3. Lunchbox Laboratory's mac and cheese is also