Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cherry Coke

Sometimes when I've finished all my homework... Sometimes when i feel like it, i leave the law library and go across the street to The Chieftain. It's a great place to watch soccer and eat mediocre pub food.

The first time i wandered over i was a little hesitant. There are a few things you don't learn when you spend your high school and college years attending schools that have serious misgivings with students drinking anything stronger than Postum. What to do when you walk in to a bar is one of them.

It must have been obvious because the nice bartender lady guided me over to an empty seat at the bar and changed the channel to the Arsenal game. A true american hero.

Then she asked me what i was drinking...

Bartender: "What are you drinking?"
David: "Dr. Pepper?"
Bartender: "Oh, we don't sell fun little drinks like that..."
Bartender: "Sure thing sweetie."

She eventually offered to take some of their cherry syrup and combine it with the Coke they use to make Rum and Coke. Now whenever i show up she hands me a Cherry Coke and asks if i'd like the "Hummus plate" again. "Yes please."

I know I don't really fit in with the other guys who pound their beer and pulled-pork sandwiches and curse at the tv, but that's ok. Differences don't matter when the Flying Dutchman is in form.

Come on Arsenal!!!


  1. Haha, I love this post. When I was in the CZ, they had alot of pubs. I ordered tall glasses of orange juice. And when my students would ask for another beer, I'd ask for another orange juice.

  2. Dude, I can totally relate to this! Ginger Ale with lime is my drink. Try it... it's supes good. ;)

    1. "Ginger Ale with lime," chya right, because we all know those aren't code words for hard liquor. Hm?