Monday, April 2, 2012

City Series

This year the diaspora of the West Whitman Estatees has resulted in the members being flung far and wide around the world to sow our seed in new lands. We have landed in various cities, that inhabit various states, that make up various countries, that fill out various continents.

Over the next month we will be sharing profiles of each of our respective cities. Each profile will feature the parts of the city that make up our daily lives. For example, I will not be using a picture of the Space Needle because I never go there. Also, Alban will not be posting a picture of the Washington Monument, unless he is flipping it off, in which case it will be included. And awesome. 

Each profile will consist of a few pictures and a short, poetic blurb. Enjoy. 

Here are some friendly tips on how to pack from Rick Steves.


  1. I'm sure glad you included that video.

  2. His voice is so soothing. His advice has never steered me down the wrong path. Except when i asked him for relationship advice once...